Pottery Jokes that are kiln it!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Here's a few jokes, memes, and comics about pottery that I couldn't resist sharing! Pottery is not all serious and technical. Most often it's fun, engaging and quite comical. I hope you enjoy these jokes as much as I do!

I often find it's amazing what we can create and make with just our own two hands when we step away from technology and return to basics.

"It wasn't fin to have pottery class with god"

There's always that one person in every class!

I have to admit I've definitely done this! I put all my work for my undergrad thesis show in one kiln and just prayed! (it turned out fine) But you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket...


When I've fired wood kilns, it's hard to resist roasting marsh mellows over the flames that peak out of the ventilation holes. Mmmmm!

Of course I had to sneak in something about Harry Potter! ...Oh Draco!

Some of us are very touchy about our "clay babies."

As a wheel thrower, this one hits home!

Hope you enjoyed these jokes! Please subscribe for newsletters, updates and there are many more blogs to come!

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