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Casual Casualties Disasters are common place in the world of ceramics. Weather it’s an explosion in a kiln, runny glaze from too many layers, or a casual trip that sends our work crashing to the floor, we must roll with the punches and learn from the causality. My biggest lessons in ceramics come from something…

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Diving Into History: The Olpe Pitcher

Today I’d like to dive into a little history about a piece of pottery I find quite interesting. References to the beautiful style, painting, and decorations can still be found in contemporary works today. For example, artists continue to use contrasting colors to dramatize patterns. The technique of sgraffito, carving into the surface of color…

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Pottery Jokes That Are Kiln It!

Here’s a few jokes, memes, and comics about pottery that I couldn’t resist sharing! Pottery is not all serious and technical. Most often it’s fun, engaging and quite comical. I hope you enjoy these jokes as much as I do! I often find it’s amazing what we can create and make with just our own…

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The Mad Potter of Biloxi

Known for his eccentricity, pottery, and wild mustache, George Ohr contributed greatly to the history of pottery. This month we celebrate his birthday! Born on July 12th, 1857, Ohr always considered himself the “odd duck” of the family. In 1879, upon visiting a friend in New Orleans, he fell in love with what would become…

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